What's in , what's out -Hair for AUTUMN / WINTER 2017. What to ask for, and what’s well and truly out  !

What's in , what's out -Hair for AUTUMN / WINTER 2017. What to ask for, and what’s well and truly out !

What's in , What's out
Hair for AUTUMN / WINTER 2017.
What to ask for, and what’s well and truly out  !

Bored of your hair ? This time of year sees a lot of us looking for a change. Your hair can look so BLAHHH after a summer of being outside and over styling every weekend. We compiled a list of our fave trends,  and what we are doing in the salon currently.


 Really bleached out , white bright ends.

We are seeing lots of really soft  mix tones all through the hair , rather than just bleached out white ends.

Ask your colourist for more variation throughout your hair .You can still stay very light its about keeping soft tone in there .  There are very, very  specific ways of doing this to ensure you don't end up stripy, or with yucky, muddy colour!

Solid , one length hair cuts. 

Now it’s all about  texture , fringes , layers and NO blunt lines .
Long, long hair has seemed like it has been in for ages, now we are seeing more people with mid length locks, or even mid back with soft , shapely layering so that your hair moves .

Shorter hair is still in- but straight , blunt ends with no layering or movement is out. Thick hair? ask for some  weight taken out through the underneath and the ends softened , so its softer and not as harsh.

Short, fine hair ? If you like  a solid look still, ask for the ends to be chipped into slightly, rather than having a straight line.

Lots of girls are still using extensions just as much, but now they mainly for adding a little bit of thickness, and not very much length.


Structured, defined waves that don't move.

Relaxed movement, nothing structured so it looks more effortless. Not so much "waves " but more "movement "


Really white and bright blonde foils.

Softer tones of creamy beige .


1 million highlights, expensive 5 hour hair appointments, and over foiled hair .

Lower maintenance colour. Having amazing hair doesn't have to  mean spending a fortune on your hair.
Get it done once properly if you are needing a huge correction, but then maintain with partial colour -
book in for a 1/4 head colour appointment $160,  for some face framing highlights, a few scattered pieces + a super pretty toner and a root shadow to blend out any foil lines .Or just a toner +root shadow for $68.


Crazy pastels in blue , pink,  green etc  . Its been and done so many times , and we are over it for this season !


Softer, rosier hues of rose gold, soft rose blonde, and baby peach . Bored of your blonde ? grab a colour conditioner HERE for $42 and do it  yourself at home. They only last a few washes so no need to worry about it being permanent!They completely fade out back to blonde .



Over lightened , damaged hair that's hanging on within an inch of its life just because you want it lighter .

Silky, well looked after hair that shines and looks bright because-

 It is HEALTHY !

Your blonde is never going to look good if you are constantly making it lighter and lighter on those ends.
Invest in some high quality Kevin Murphy treatments with active ingredients  , keep the bleach and heat to a minimum and you will be surprised how much "lighter" you hair can look when its shiny, silky and light reflective !

If you are super bored of your hair, book in for something above or have a chat to our colourists in studio about what they recommend for you .

email Lisa at bookings@vivalablonde.com.au for all bookings .


Happy Blonding !

Chantelle xxx

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