Viva La Blonde model wearing new trend long bob hairstyle

Why the LOB is Universally Flattering on Anyone

Why the LOB is Universally Flattering on Anyone

Why the LOB! 

It is the cut of 2019 and with all your A-list celebs asking the world of Instagram whether they dare to take the plunge, we are beginning to ask ourselves the same question... 

If Barbara Palvin can pull it off, so can we right? 

Barbara Palvin with a long bob hair cut from Viva La Blonde

Why the LOB Hair Cut Can Suit Anyone 

So, what exactly is the LOB hair cut? LOB, standing for long bob, works as a variant of the infamous bob-cut. 

From Barbara PalvinBella Hadid, and to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, celebs are showing us just how almost anyone, with any face shape can suit this new trend. 

Depending on how thick, straight or curly your hair is, it can be layered perfectly to suit your face shape. The long-bob is the perfect hair cut if you are wanting some serious face framing, accentuating all of your natural features. 

Typically the LOB is a little longer at the front with more layering at the back. This gives your hair volume, making it look healthy and fresh.
Sitting on your collarbones, the LOB is the perfect cut for something new and fresh without going for the dramatic bob cut. 

Rosie Huntington-Whitley shows us just how you can style your LOB cut. 

Rosie Huntington-Whitley wearing the long bob trend on red carpet

The beauty behind the LOB is its ability to suit any face shape. A stylist will also sit with you to ensure your new cut will be personalised to the shape of your face, before you go for the big chop. 

Different Styles of the LOB 

There are three major variants of the LOB. They Include:

Blunt LOB

Katy Perry rocking the LOB Trend on red carpet

The Blunt LOB is not only a fun style, it is also perfect for anyone with fine or damaged hair. This allows your hair to recover without sacrificing style. The Bluntness of the LOB elongates the neck whilst also giving you enough versatility when it comes to styling.  

How to style the blunt LOB? 
For something glamorous and red-carpet ready, we recommend slicking your hair back, and to sit the blunt ends on your shoulders. You can also part your hair to one side and curl it slightly. 

For something a little more relaxed you can pin it back into a low bun! Messy or slicked, depending on what look you are going for! 

Long Layered LOB

Viva La blonde hair model with wavy blonde long bob

The Long Layered LOB is perfect for someone with a longer face or those after a little more sophistication. This form of LOB details chin length layers, giving your hair volume and your face a little more width. 

How to style the Long Layered LOB?

Play with your parting! If you're after something a little more evening appropriate, keep a centre part. If you're after something more casual, push your hair over to one-side. You can also experiment with front braids as well, for something grecian inspired. 

The Choppy LOB

Selena Gomez blonde messy bob hairstyle 2019

Keeping your layers long and messy will make this look. Suitable to all face shapes, this cut is a little fun, modern and edgy. Talk about effortless! 

How to Style the Choppy LOB? 
Due to its long layers, this type of LOB is super easy to style. If you are uncertain about cutting your hair, or are feeling a little bit hesitant, this is the perfect starting block. It doesn't not limit your styling options. 

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