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Apprentice class : Foiling 101

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Transform Your Apprentices or new seniors Foiling Skills in Just One Day!


**Imagine This:**

Your apprentices, confidently understanding  foiling techniques, delivering beautiful results with efficiency and precision. Understanding the WHY behind  the technique helps make the HOW a whole lot easier . 


Here’s the Reality:

We know how demanding it is to spend an entire day refining your juniors' techniques. The hands-on support they need often takes a backseat due to the hectic salon schedule.….yep I  get it , because I’m in the same boat as you ! 


Buttt what If : 

There was a way to give them that much-needed practical training - without taking an entire day on your schedule?



Our Hands-On Foiling Workshop – a transformative one-day event designed specifically for apprentices who need extra support in polishing their technique and understanding hair fall and placement ,  for efficient colouring . 



Date: Monday, June 24th
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: viva la blonde - 34 Queen street Perth 
Lunch: Included (Yes, we’ve got it covered!)


Your apprentices will benefit from:

1. **Expert Guidance:** Personalized hands on instruction from myself and my Head educator 

2. **Practical Training:** Hands-on practice to perfect their skills.

3. **Confidence Boost:** Techniques that empower them on the floor . 



Here’s How to Make It Happen:



Save  their spot today and ensure they get the support they need to elevate their foiling game.



Spaces are very limited. Don’t let your apprentices miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance their skills.

Teaching juniors is super close to my heart and it’s something I’m obsessed with doing !


I’m running this class because I saw it was a need for my own juniors to do , and couldn’t find any classes like this . 



Click to secure their spot and invest in their  growth and skill set 


Invest at the top by clicking ADD TO CART : $595 

OR pay in 2 payments of $298 (fortnightly payments)


click  here for the payment plan 




Looking forward to seeing your team there !